Brad Parvin used to take his weekly allowance and ride up to the local store to buy a pack of sports cards. The best part of getting those cards were the moments while he opened them, the anticipation of what was waiting inside the wrapper. What came next was a wide-eyed boy looking at pictures of his favorite athletes, reading their stats and envisioning what it must be like to live such a great story. Today, the picture of Brad doesn't look much different, you add a few more $5 bills to the allowance and trade that bike for a truck and he is still looking at sports cards wide-eyed with excitement.

Over the past 4 years he has found many other people around the world who share that same love. They are in the truest sense of the word, collectors. They buy, they sell, they trade. They formed a community that instead of meeting on the playground, meet in Facebook rooms because that's just a sign of the times.

However, Brad's dream is rooted in old school values. He wanted that face-to-face conversation about one of the things he loves most, sports. He wanted a place to gather, buy, sell, trade and build that collection for himself and others. The Collector's Bench is that place. Come have a seat and be a part of his great story.